I have had the pleasure of working with some fabulous Australian authors.
Here's some of what they have had to say about my work.


“I was very fortunate to choose Helen Christie to help me publish my first book. Helen was professional, always available, very patient and offered me help and guidance even if I didn’t specifically ask for it. Her creativity, organisational skills and knowledge have resulted in a book I am proud to publish.”

Russell Hodge


“What a strange mix of emotion – excitement. A sense of disconnect – my name on the book but no longer mine. 8, 9 years in this delicate package called a book. I just can’t quite believe that it is my work. Surely someone else did this? Is it real? Is it true?

Thank you! It looks beautiful. Helen has done a marvelous job typesetting. It breathes. The generous spacing invites the reader. Plenty of room for reflection, contemplation.”

berni m janssen

(Text design and typesetting by Blue Wren Books. Cover design by Deb Snibson for Spinifex Press.)

“Helen and I developed an excellent working relationship while doing pre-production adding her design, layout and typesetting genius to my words and visual concepts. Helen is an excellent listener, offers suggestions and feedback gently, and dependably delivers her promises in a timely manner! I highly recommend Helen Christie to any future clients and wish her well in her new venture!”

Kassia Klinger – Author, Commentator and Advocate

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you. The book arrived last night and she is truly magnificent. I'm genuinely thrilled. I couldn't have done any of this without your insights, creativity and dedication. I am eternally thankful. You made this a delightful experience after a previous rotten one.”

Lisa Comerford 

“… Her flexibility and ability to work cooperatively with a client came to the fore when dealing with the changes I made, and especially when I added images midstream – about 10 became 51!  Helen readily set them in place to best fit the pages and enhance the text …”

Helen Martineau

"I can highly recommend Helen in any project you may give her. She is efficient and extremely professional. Our book Carbs by Numbers would never have been published without her wonderful design and endless patience. We wish her well in her new venture, I know anyone who engages her will be fully rewarded."

Sandra Dunbar


“Many thanks, Helen, for your excellent work in steering me through the intricacies of getting my first novel published, in what were difficult times. Your artwork for the cover was remarked upon very favourably by friends I sent a copy to, and the distributors mentioned it was the best they had seen for some time.”

Tony Criddle


“Helen Christie is a masterful book designer and typesetter. With Helen’s expert help, I recently self-published two novels, Resisting the Enemy and In Mortal Danger. I couldn’t be happier with the result. Helen guided me patiently and effortlessly through the whole process of book cover, design and typesetting. Nothing was too much trouble for her in ensuring that we got everything just right. Her helpful advice, experience and skill make Helen Christie a must-have for anyone seeking to self-publish.”

Lorraine Campbell